1st House- Ascendant in Astrology

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1st House Cusp (Ascendant) in Signs

Ascendant, also called the rising sign, is in fact the first house cusp. It is a point where the entire birth chart ‘begins’. The sign on the 1st house cusp is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Therefore we can say the Ascendant has absorbed the energies of that specific moment in time and became a filter through which we view life.

In the previous blog post I compared the Ascendant and the 1st house cusp to the front door to our house. It is an interesting parallel as we can learn so much about the Ascendant by applying this imagery to it.

1st house cusp ascendant door image 1
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Look at he the first image. The door is rather simple, with straight lines and classic shape. You enter this building straight from the street and there are no steps leading to the door. If this door represented a first impression of a person, you might think this would be somebody straightforward and direct with a down-to-earth approach.

What about the second image? This one is much more decorative and colourful. There are two steps leading to the door and there are windows on both sides so you can have a little peek into the house. First impression? Visible, creative, maybe even a bit loud. This person would like to be seen as artistic and expressive.

The last image shows a very different door. The nature surrounding the front door seems to hide it a little and the door itself gives off a very secretive and closed off impression. This person would be difficult to get to know at first, maybe a bit shy, keeping their thoughts to themselves.

As you can see, you can read a lot from simple photos like that and apply your knowledge and intuition to interpreting the 1st house cusp.

1st house cusp in signs

Ascendant represents: Our appearance, the first impression we make and the way in which we meet life.

Aries- My appearance is energetic and forceful. People can feel challenged by my direct nature or become upset that I have no patience to listen about their poor old dog or how they felt about broccoli as a child.  I meet life in a straightforward and courageous way.

Taurus- My appearance is solid and natural. There is an aura of ease, patience and reliability about me. My body is important to me- I like to feed it well, dress it in comfortable clothes and rest it when necessary. I meet life in a pragmatic and steady way.

Gemini- My appearance is slender and I can look younger than my real age. I can use my hands a lot and move around all the time. After ten minutes of being in a room, I have spoken to everyone and know that Steve is a plumber and Mary went to Tenerife for holidays. I meet life in a curious and inquisitive way.

Cancer– My appearance is soft and gentle. People who need to be taken care of seem to gravitate towards me and my maternal energy. I put people at ease with my receptive, round eyes and give them space to express how they feel. I meet life in an emotional and caring way.

Leo- My appearance is sunny and powerful. When I walk into a room, it’s impossible to ignore my presence. I seem to light up the energy wherever I go. I can be extravagant, with exaggerated actions and reactions, as if I’m on the stage. I meet life in a dramatic and creative way.

Virgo– My appearance is tidy and neat. I might appear a bit nervous, as I always try to follow the right order and be correct. There is an aura of having it all organised and categorised about me- whether it’s my life, work, opinions or my outfit.  I meet life in an organised and practical way.

Libra- My appearance is harmonious and elegant. I don’t like too much of one element, I prefer to balance it out. There is a physical charm and refinement about my aura, like a character out of a Savoir Vivre textbook. I meet life in a refined and diplomatic way.

Scorpio- My appearance is magnetic and mysterious. People seem to be either drawn to me or stay away from me. I can provoke strong reactions from others. I act in an ‘all or nothing’ way. I meet life in an intense and transformative way.

Sagittarius– My appearance is warm and restless. I take up space and inspire others with my enthusiasm. I always have some great vision or a plan I want to go after. I like to expand my knowledge and ask others about their perspective.  I meet life in an optimistic and expansive way.

Capricorn– My appearance is controlled and mature. I don’t show my emotions easily, there is an aura of dependability and respect around me. Some people might see me as cold and unapproachable at first. I meet life in a cautious and responsible way.

Aquarius-  My appearance is different and sometimes shocking. I stand out of the crowd and am ahead of the trends. I can intimidate people with my rebellious opinions or inspire them to break free from tradition and convention. I meet life in an eccentric and original way.

Pisces- My appearance is dreamy and malleable. I can easily change my looks and create an impression that I am not fully present in this physical world. My detachment from everyday reality can attract those who’d like to take advantage of my nature. I meet life in a sensitive and empathic way.


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