2nd House Cusp in Astrology- What are your riches?

2nd House Cusp in astrology

As we are moving on from the 1st House Cusp (the Ascendant) the birth chat begins to unfold. While the 1st House Cusp is connected to awareness of our existence, the 2nd House Cusp focuses on what we have. Resources, skills, values and approach to possessions can be understood by looking at the sign occupying this House Cusp.

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I imagine the sign on 2nd House Cusp as the kind of currency that comes to you naturally. For some it might be actual money, for others it might be a talent for teaching or a deep connection to the Universe.

Think of it as your cosmic wallet/purse. What does it look like? What’s inside it? I have Gemini on my 2nd House Cusp and my wallet is a simple black pouch that I switched to while I was travelling. I had too many other things on my mind to get a proper wallet, so I’ve been using this black thing for the past couple of years. Better yet, it is full of Post Office receipts, as I run my Etsy shop and I just can’t get around to file everything regularly. As you can see, Gemini on 2nd House Cusp has so many things to think about that the wallet is certainly not a priority!

Look at your own wallet, check the sign on your 2nd House Cusp and think about what is the connection between them.

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Values also come under the 2nd House. Again, the sign on the cusp will tell you more about what the person finds of value. Is it knowledge? Is it an emotional connection with others? Maybe a sense of adventure and an element of risk?

Value includes self-worth too. A fire sign on the cusp (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) might derive their self-worth from action while for a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) self-worth could be an emotional topic. The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) would tie their self-worth with the material world and achievement. Lastly, the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) would see their value through their ideas and intellectual abilities.

Speaking of value, the 2nd House can tell us more about the way we approach and spend money. You probably know a few people who seem to go along with the flow while others count every penny and are very organised with their finances. To simplify this based on the four elements- fire signs can approach money impulsively and take risks, water elements can be emotional and intuitive about them, earth signs would strive for financial stability or use their money to buy material objects while air signs could see money as a theoretical concept.

If you are further on your Astrological journey, you can take a look at the planet ruling the sign on the 2nd House Cusp. For example, 2nd House Cusp in Cancer would be ruled by the Moon. Think of it as the ‘owner’ of that particular house. By looking at the placement and aspects of the ruler of the house you will be able to discover even more about that area of life. I will write more about this technique in a separate blog post.

2nd house cusp in signs

Our resources (physical, psychological, spiritual) and values. What we value in life. Our approach to money and possessions.

Aries– My resources are courage, assertiveness and initiative. I value challenge, risk and spontaneity. My approach to money includes an element of risk and I need freedom to act on my instincts. I might spend money impulsively.

Taurus- My resources are consistency, reliability and connection to the five senses. I value comfort and stability. My approach to money is pragmatic. Long-term investments are a good idea for me. I like to spend money to indulge myself.

Gemini– My resources are curiosity, keenness to learn and communicative skills. I value change and intellectual stimulation. My finances are fluctuating. Duality (working with another person, two streams of income) positively affects my finances. 

Cancer- My resources are emotional connection, sensitivity and caring for others. I value home, family and emotional security. My approach to money involves emotional attachment- I make sure I can provide for my family and those dependent on me.

Leo- My resources are charisma, creativity and loyalty. I value being seen, taking pride in my work and making a difference. My approach to money is playful. Earning money is a game I must enjoy playing.

Virgo- My resources are analytical skills, precision and self-reliance. I value development, improvement and a stable routine. My approach to money is enhanced by understanding the cyclical nature of things. I can be very detailed and organised with my finances.

Libra- My resources are diplomacy, tact and refinement. I value beauty, balance and relationships. Money is important to me, as it is connected with quality and class. I enjoy earning money with a partner or another person.

Scorpio- My resources are the ability to regenerate and deal with critical situations. I value profound transformations, intensity and mystery. My approach to money is closely connected with power. I enjoy sharing my resources with the right people. I can be secretive about my income.

Sagittarius- My resources are giving meaning to other people’s experience, optimism and vision. I value freedom, truth and acceptance of other cultures/beliefs/ perspectives. Earning money is connected with ethics and staying true to my beliefs. 

Capricorn- My resources are responsibility, duty and ambition. I value authority, structures and traditions. My approach to money is serious, I follow the rules and regulations. I like to be in control of my finances and don’t spend money on a whim. 

Aquarius- My resources are innovation, future vision and eccentricity. I value independence, technology and connection with society/ humanity. My finances are derived from unusual sources and activities. I can disconnect from the material sphere and escape into my mind.

Pisces- My resources are empathy, intuition and artistic spirit. I value imagination, unity and working for a higher cause. Money can be confusing to me, but if I follow my intuition and accept the unpredictability, it becomes a bit easier. I can feel guilty about my impractical approach to money.


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