3rd House Cusp- Mind and Communication

3rd house cusp

As humans, we relate to our environment and the people in it it through language. The 3rd House represents this area of life. In most cases the process begins with input. We listen, observe and absorb what is around us. Then, the mind takes the different elements we gathered, connects the dots and formulates ideas. Lastly, we can communicate this ideas with the our environment.

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The sign on the 3rd House Cusp will tell us about the nature of the process. Is it linear and based on logic or is it more intuitive and fragmented? The air signs would approach this process from an intellectual perspective, aim to be detached and objective. On the other hand, the water signs would be more emotional and intuitive in their thinking and communication. Their process would be more of an ebb and flow. The earth signs would focus on the material reality, on what is rather than what could be and stay realistic. Meanwhile, the fire signs’ process would be driven by passion and the need to feel special.

While I was looking for images for this blog post, I found the one below. I was really surprised and wondered who on Earth would come up with such an idea?

Well, this is a 3rd House topic! The process of input/processing/output is certainly at play here. Imagine what sort of inner ‘processing facility’ has created this original photograph. Rather than following the usual approach to food photography this person interpreted it in their own, creative way. The mind made a connection between a banana and a sausage (most likely due to a similar shape) and decided to combine the two. I wouldn’t be surprised if this person had Aquarius on the 3rd House Cusp as this is quite an eccentric and unconventional idea.

3rd house cusp image sausage in a banana skin
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3rd House Cusp in Signs

How we think, our attitude to knowledge, our relationship with the immediate environment (siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbours). 

Aries- My mind is hasty, often I speak first and then think. Knowledge is my weapon to get ahead. Through my immediate environment I can participate in a competition- who has the biggest house, the tallest tree or the greenest grass.

Taurus- My mind is stable and once I learn something, it stays with me for a long time. It might take a while to get the idea but once I’m on track, nothing will disturb me. I gain and use knowledge to feel more secure and gain more resources. 

Gemini- My mind is very quick- I enjoy learning just to occupy my brain and feel busy. Knowledge keeps me going, though I can jump from one topic to another without deep engagement. I know my immediate environment well and always know the right person who can help.

Cancer- My mind is sensitive- I keep in mind the feelings of others and how my words can affect them. Knowledge is a way to have more security- I use it to protect my tribe. In my immediate environment I’m most likely the one who provides emotional support and nurturing. 

Leo- My mind is creative- I look for opportunities to express myself. My way of speaking can be quite dramatic. I use knowledge to shine even brighter. I want my voice to be heard and my presence to be seen in my immediate environment.

Virgo– My mind is analytical- I find it easy to identify different elements and organise them into neat categories. Through knowledge, I keep chaos at bay. I can become critical of my immediate environment and want to implement ways to improve it.

Libra- My mind is balanced- I will look at both sides of the argument and do my best to be impartial. I seek refinement and beauty through knowledge. I am diplomatic when in contact with my immediate environment and I want to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing.

Scorpio- My mind is incisive- I will not stop until I get to the bottom of things. Knowledge is power and I use my language as my weapon. I will not back down in an argument, unless it’s a part of my strategy. My immediate surroundings can have a deeply transforming effect on me. 

Sagittarius- My mind is expansive- I have many different thoughts I want to share with others. Through knowledge I expand the boundaries of my world- I can end up as an ‘eternal student’. My immediate environment might include people of different cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Capricorn- My mind is controlled- I make sure that I plan what I’m going to say first and then express myself in a disciplined manner. Through knowledge I can gain more respect, status and authority. I can be quite controlling of my immediate environment or feel restricted by it.

Aquarius- My mind is eccentric- I process information differently from other people and can have a hard time in conventional systems and institutions. Knowledge is a path to freedom, equality and independence. My immediate environment might be unconventional.

Pisces- My mind is fluid- I absorb ideas and concepts but can feel confused and scattered. I communicate in an imaginative, artistic and poetic way. Knowledge can serve as an inspiration and a way to help others. I pick up subtle undercurrents from my immediate environment and sometimes can end up as the victim or saviour. 


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