4th House Cusp- Your Home and Roots

Home, Roots and foundations

Our journey through the Astrological houses continues and moves onto the next quarter. In this post I will focus on the 4th House Cusp, also known as Imum Coeli (IC) or Nadir. This is the lowest point on the chart. It represents our family, our tribe and foundations. You can think of it as the roots of a tree. The roots go deep into the earth and absorb all the necessary nutrients and minerals. The roots also keep the tree stable and attached to a specific place.

4th house cusp roots
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The sign on IC will therefore tell us what home means to us. Who are we when we withdraw from our social circle and return home, take off our shoes and go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea? What emotions come to the surface when we are safe? In fact, is home a safe space for us? These questions can be answered by looking at the IC and its sign.

4th house cusp tea
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The 4th House Cusp also represents our inner centre. For some of us it’s easier to connect and communicate with it while for others it’s a challenging task. The reflective quality of the Moon favours time spent on self-discovery, meditation and inner exploration.

I see this house as a lake, where the winds, the weather and the surround environment affect the surface of the water. If we take a look at our reflection when the surface is disturbed, we will not be able to see the ourselves or what is beneath the water. But if we have the patience to wait, to observe and to tune into the rhythms, we will discover who we are and what is hidden under the surface.

4th House Cusp In Signs

Where we go when we settle back into ourselves. What home means to us and what qualities we resonate with.

Aries– Home is where I can be myself, where I do what I want and assert myself. I might gravitate towards quarrels but I will also fight for my family. I need to find who I am in my own right, apart from my tribe and their traditions. 

Taurus– Home is what makes me feel secure, it is my foundation in life. I like to own my place or be sure I can stay there for a long time without disruptions. I can be quite territorial. I turn to nature and its sensual qualities- this is my home.

Gemini– Home is where I can exchange information, communicate and satisfy my curiosity. There is always something going on- a creative hive, with people coming and going. I might have two homes or switch in between two places. An intellectual/ academic energy can be present at home. 

Cancer– Home is my safe place. I need to feel safe and stable at home and want my tribe/family to feel this way too. Family is important to me- I am an element of a bigger puzzle. Home is my retreat and sanctuary- I might return to childhood/ familiar places in difficult times.

Leo– Home is where I want to be seen for who I am. I want to have my own place where I’m the one who makes the rules. I can distance myself from my family to free myself from the expectations and be my true self. Freedom to express myself is my foundation in life. 

Virgo– Home is a place where there’s always something to improve. I like my home to be tidy and organised. Efficiency at home is important for me. Home can be where I work from. I can be critical and judgemental when there is chaos at home. 

Libra– Home is a place of balance and harmony. Any disruptions here will affect my well-being. I want my home to be aesthetically pleasing and refined. I like to share my home with a partner, there is a sense of relating. I’m willing to compromise at home to keep the peace. 

Scorpio– Home is a complex place, where things are not what they seem at first. There can be a family secret or a family complex. Early experiences might have been deeply transforming for me. Danger and topics like death and sexuality could be present but not discussed fully. 

Sagittarius– Home is a positive and cheerful place where I expand my understanding of the world. I might be in contact with people of different cultures or religions or travel frequently. Religion/ ethics/ morals are important in my home. 

Capricorn– Home is a place of discipline and tradition. I might have experienced my childhood home as restrictive and cold. I can chase an unattainable goal to prove myself to my family. I take responsibility and feel duty towards my home and my tribe.

Aquarius– Home is freedom and independence. I don’t want to be tied down to one place. I can feel like an alien or an outcast in my family. My home is unconventional in some way, I go against tradition. Family is more than just the blood ties- humanity is my tribe.

Pisces– Home- what even is home for me? I can easily absorb the influences and energies in my home environment. I dissolve myself in my home and family. I can be confused about my family or have to make sacrifices on that front. Home can be a place of inspiration and transcendence. 


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