5th House- Self-expression and Joy

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After reaching the ‘roots’ of an Astrological chart with the IC, it is time to move into a more dynamic and radiant house- the 5th House. Connected to Leo and the Sun, the 5th House is all about creativity, self-expression and joy. This house also talks about pleasure, hobbies, romance and children.

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It might seem a bit of a stretch, but here is an explanation of why the 5th House includes all these different areas of life. If we look at Leo and the Sun, their energies are connected with an archetype of the king. This is not a king who received his role through a democratic election. This is the chosen one, a child of the gods.

Therefore there is a feeling of being special, of having a unique fate. This is why the 5th House connects to self-expression. The inner self needs to be shown to others, it needs to shine. As for creativity, what we create is an extension of ourselves. It is where our divine light is captured, whether it is art, drama, music or children. Then this light lives on as our legacy, we will not be forgotten.

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By looking at the 5th House Cusp you can discover your approach to creativity and self-expression as well as the type of activities that bring you joy. I like to think of the sign on this house cusp as what kind of main character you would be.

A water sign on the 5th House Cusp makes me think of an emotionally complex character who explores their inner self. The fire signs are dynamic and risk-taking characters, chasing their goals and going on epic adventures. Air signs would be the intelligent and visionary characters, whether networking in a busy restaurant or coming up with the next big idea in their kitchen. An earth sign on the 5th House Cusp would be a reliable character dealing with the everyday world- starting their own business, perfecting a craft or improving a system.

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5th House Cusp in Signs

Our creative expression, hobbies, what we enjoy doing. Romance and sexual expression. Children.

Aries–  I enjoy being active in my free time- any type of sport is appealing to me. Competition is what gets me excited. Romance is a game and I want to be the best and win. I passionately go after what I want with all my heart.

Taurus– I enjoy the sensual side of life- cooking a tasty meal, spending an afternoon in the garden, sewing a dress with the softest fabric. Romance and love is my way of self-expression. I let the romance unfold in its own time and indulge myself in the process.

Gemini– Speaking and writing is my way of self-expression. I am quick and want to try many different hobbies without being tied to just one of them. The same goes for love- I need variety to stay curious. A mentally stimulating date is what I’m looking for.

Cancer– Though my hobbies I find comfort, security and relaxation. Nurturing things and people and watching them grow brings me a lot of fulfilment. I can’t ignore a bird with a broken wing or a wilting plant. In love and romance I can take on a maternal role or look for such a figure. 

Leo– Creative expression is my second nature- I shine through my hobbies. I gravitate towards theatre, dance, art and music. I can be dramatic in my pursuit of love and romance but it is what makes me feel special and alive. 

Virgo– I enjoy practical creative activities- pottery, sewing, carpentry etc. In my hobbies I need space for improvement, otherwise I become bored. I am strategic and have everything planned out in advance. In romance, I look for quality partners and might have a long list of desired characteristics. 

Libra– I enjoy the refinement of fine arts, music and dance. I restore my sense of balance through creative outlets. I go for partners with good taste and tact. Romance is one of my hobbies- I find relating to others a fulfilling experience.

Scorpio– My self-expression is about channelling the deepest parts of me, including the dark and complicated issues. My hobbies can be connected to taboo topics, I like to keep them secret. I am serious about romance, my intensity might be too much for some people.

Sagittarius– My hobbies are connected to travelling, philosophy, religion or higher education. I enjoy adventure and feel alive when I go beyond my boundaries. I always have something to do. Love and romance include an element of chase- I get bored if things are too easy.

Capricorn– My self-expression is cautious- I don’t want to make a fool of myself. My creations reflect me, so I must make sure they are good enough. This affects my spontaneity. In love and romance I guard myself- I fear rejection.

Aquarius– My self-expression is shocking and original. My hobbies can be eccentric- when everyone is into yoga and pilates, I explore freeganism and dumpster diving. My partner must respect my need for space and independence. 

Pisces– My self- expression is poetic and inspired. I might have to make sacrifices when it comes to creativity. I yearn to love and lose myself completely in romance. I can idealise my partner and live out a fantasy that has no connection with reality.


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