About Me

About my Solar Identity

In Astrology, it is the Sun that represents the sense of self and identity.

About my Astrological Journey

About my Art

I have been doing art since I can remember. I have tried many different techniques and materials and experimented with different styles.

Up until today I don’t know exactly what my focus is, as I tend to drift between lino printing, painting, illustration, ceramics and photography.

Though I am certain of one thing. When I create I feel a connection with something greater. I let the process take over and guide me, which takes me to wonderful places. Often I just know what I’m supposed to draw or paint, the idea appears in my mind and unfolds on the paper. It is a magical experience.

I also value practical skills and the self discipline required to perfect a craft. Through working with lino prints I am constantly reminded of patience, humility and attention to detail.

Visit my art page to discover more about my work.