Emotions Oracle Deck

My third, and so far, newest oracle deck. This one was inspired by emotions and feelings. Just like with the previous deck, I picked random emotions from ‘Dictionary of Emotions: Words For Feelings, Moods and Emotions’ by Patrick Michael Ryan. I tried my best to have an equal amount of both, positive and negative emotions, so that the deck is as realistic as possible.

The illustrations are repurposed digital collages printed on acetate- a final project for my Art and Design college course. The collages were created from abstract painting which were inspired by photos which originated from a photo of a crushed strawberry on the pavement. I love this story and whenever I have a chance I tell it! So my whole final project was based on that strawberry photo. I crushed strawberries, blueberries and raspberries myself (very fun!), made abstract paintings based on these photos and then cut out bits and bobs from the paintings in Photoshop and arranged them into these abstract compositions.

Now, if you wonder what this project was about and how it connects with oracle cards here it is. My project was based on the idea of being in a right place at a right time. If I wasn’t on that bus stop that day I wouldn’t have seen that crushed strawberry after all! So I looked into fate, destiny, chance and randomness in art, mythology etc. At the time I had NO idea about astrology. Now I know it was crazy synchronicity, as soon after the college finished I discovered astrology.

Therefore I love using an element from my project in my own set of oracle cards. I tried my best to assign the emotions to the collages in some logical way, like ‘Love’ looks like two people holding hands or ‘Victorious’ is like a bow, shooting straight to the target, hence being victorious. Not all of them are so thought out, but still, I love all the shapes and colours. The back has my star lino print again, and learning from last time, I used water based paint, so that it dries much quicker!

All in all, a lovely deck, I love using it in my readings and it always adds some extra colours to the spread!

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