Palmerston Oracle Deck

About the deck

The Palmerston Oracle Deck was created by
Pauline Morgan and Kat Wojdyla over three
separate meditative, channelling sessions at
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in
Edinburgh during the summer of 2021. This
creative exercise was inspired by a desire to
mark the 10th anniversary of the opening of
the Centre, by its founder Ann Treherne, on
the 23rd October 2011 in some appropriate
A random number generator was
employed to pull energies towards specific
pages and even lines in Conan Doyle’s The
History of Spiritualism (1926), a book which
sought to balance credible accounts of
individual experiences of anomalous
phenomena against contemporary blind
prejudice supporting their non-existence.
The ‘chance’ messages that emerged
during these sessions were sometimes
quoted verbatim and sometimes
interpreted by the channellers with as
much truthful sensitivity and insight
available to them in the moment. The
results will speak for themselves over time
Original artwork designs by Kat Wojdyla
©2021, Morgan & Wojdyla

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