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Based on my experience with private readings, there are people who are happy to listen to me during a live birth chart reading and process it internally after the reading and there are those who like to ask questions to clarify any areas of interest.


If you are the latter type, this is a service for you. 


You can purchase this service together with a recorded reading or within 7 days after you have received your recording. In this way you have enough time to listen to your recording and come up with any questions while I still have your chart fresh in my mind.


You can ask up to 5 questions about the topics and areas mentioned in the recording. For example, if you purchased a reading about your Mercury placement, you can ask what is the best way of learning new things. But, if you would like to ask if you’re going to encounter any interesting fields of study in the future, you would have to purchase a reading looking at the next 12 months or a 5 year ahead forecast.  


Once I receive your questions, I will send a voice recording lasting between 5 to 10 minutes answering your questions. I can talk quite fast so a lot can be said within this time frame! 


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