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About: Karmic Astrology Reading

Karmic Astrology is a fascinating facet of this ancient art. Each Birth Chart contains a number of Karmic elements and placements.  These can tell us more about your karma and patterns you might be repeating from previous lives.

In this Karmic Astrology Reading I will look at the Nodal Axis, Chiron- the Wounded Healer as well as any Karmic placements present in your chart.

For example:

  • Your Nodal Axis. What gifts do you bring from your past lives and what direction are you heading into in this life? How can you use your Nodal Axis to navigate you and help with spiritual growth?
  • Your Chiron. What karmic wounds does your soul carry? How can you heal them and share your experience with others?
  • Perhaps you have a challenging Saturn/Jupiter aspect. This can result in moving between periods of optimistic expansion and pessimistic withdrawal. How can you understand these conflicting energies and use them to your advantage?

This recorded Karmic Astrology Reading reading will be between 20 – 25 minutes long.


If you would like the possibility to ask up to five questions about your recorded reading, you can add that service to your basket here.

You can add your birth data at the checkout by ticking a box saying ‘Add a note to your order’ or by filling out a form below the ‘Place Order’ button at the checkout. In this way I can start working on your order as soon as possible.


If you would like to become familiar with my style of Astrology and Tarot, here is a recording of an Astrology Forecast I recorded for the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre and here is a playlist of videos where I am teaching the basics of Tarot.


DisclaimerAstrological analysis is interpretive in nature and therefore cannot be viewed as a science or as capable of absolute accuracy. Astrology examines likelihood, potential and probability. It cannot describe fixed outcomes, trends or traits. It is my task as an astrologer to identify these possibilities by reading a symbolic language, a process that is subjective in nature.

The client retains self-responsibility to make his or her own decisions. It is not my intention as an astrologer to make decisions for the client or to ‘direct’ him or her. What is offered is advice. The client can take or leave it. As an astrologer I will undertake an analysis or consultation to the best of my ability.  Clients are advised to seek independent professional advice for legal, medical, financial and other specialist questions.


The process:

Once you purchase a reading, please send me your date of birth. Please do so in a dd/month (written as a word, not as a number)/ yyyy format.  Ie. 5th November 1988.  Please include your time of birth (24 hour format) and place of birth (city, country). 

If you don’t know your exact time of birth, I will not be able to proceed with some of the readings. The readings requiring an exact time of birth will have such information included in the description.

If you have a rough estimate of your time of birth (ie. between 6am and 8am) I should be able to go ahead with most of the readings.

If you are unsure about which reading to go for, please contact me on: katvoid@hotmail.com

Delivering your reading

Once I receive your birth data, I will draw up the chart and start analysing your chart based on the reading you have purchased. For this reason, I cannot accept a refund request after you have sent me your birth data as I will start working on your chart. Also, I cannot offer a refund if the birth data supplied to me is incorrect. Please double check you are sending the right information. 

If for any reason I made a mistake with your birth data despite you supplying the right information, please let me know as soon as possible and I will re-do the recording free of charge as soon as I can.

I will record this reading on Zoom and you will receive a link to the recording within 7 days after sending your birth data. For security reasons, the link will be available for 7 days after I send it to you. After this period of time the recording will be deleted. Please download your recording as soon as possible.

Due to the nature of this service, I cannot offer a refund after you have received the recording. 

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  1. Amber-Leigh Park (verified owner)

    A fantastic, well presented and insightful reading that was delivered quickly and professionally.

    I would definitely recommend a reading by Kat!

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