Symbols Oracle Deck

My second oracle deck. This one is made with my own, hand made paper! A big experiment, nevertheless it worked. All the symbols in this deck have been randomly chosen from a book called ‘The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images’. I just opened the book at a random page and took a note of the symbol. Apart from fancy and magical images of dew, sparks or moon there is also toilet, hammer or kitchen.

I learned a lot about archetypal symbols when making this deck and if I want a deeper meaning of a card when I do a reading I consult the book. Other than that I interpret the symbols intuitively. It is great fun and the cards always deliver interesting messages.

Of course all of the illustrations are done by me in a beautiful blue watercolor paint. Most of them are improvised (I just can’t be bothered to do sketches and plan everything and so on) but some (like the horse or scarab) are based on a reference photo so that I don’t embarrass myself with abstract shaped animals.

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