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Learning Astrology can feel overwhelming at times. There are so many different elements, approaches and methods. This is why I would like to share the books and websites that helped me on my Astrological journey. When you are just starting to learn Astrology, do not feel discouraged, give yourself time and take it step by step.

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Books for Beginners

learn astrology basics
Judy Hall – Astrology Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac

This is a good book to start with, as it takes you through all the elements of a birth chart as well as how to put everything together. Judy Hall is one of my favourite Astrologers and I recommend most of her books.

Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas – The Luminaries

This is the book to read if you want to know more about the Sun and the Moon. It contains a very useful table of how to interpret the Luminaries by sign, house and aspect.

Steven Forrest – The Book of Water

Howard Sasportas – The Twelve Houses: Exploring the Houses of the Horoscope

A great book to learn about Astrological houses- a topic which can often bring confusion to new students. I still use this book as a reference and own more books written by Howard Sasportas.

Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas – The Inner Planets

Mercury, Venus and Mars discussed in the form of seminars. A great addition to an Astrology bookshelf. Contains a similar table as ‘The Luminaries’ by same authors.

The four elements- Water, Air, Earth and Fire – are not always equally represented in our charts. If you would like to learn more about an element that is underrepresented in your chart, the books below are a great way to start with.

Steven Forrest – The Book of Earth

Steven Forrest – The Book of Fire

Sue Tompkins- Aspects in Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Interpretation

If you are curious about aspects in your birth chart, this is the book to have. It describes all the possible planetary combinations in an Astrological chart. Great as a reference for later on in the Astrological journey.

Stephen Arroyo – Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements

A classic book to learn about the four elements. It certainly helps to understand the energies behind each Zodiac sign.

Steven Forrest – The Book of Air

Intermediate Books/ Topics

learn astrology in more depth

Judy Hall – Patterns of the Past

A great book if you would like to learn more about Karmic Astrology. In-depth description of aspects. Mentions the Lunar Nodes and Chiron as well.

Liz Greene – Saturn, A New Look at an Old Devil

A detailed study of Saturn in a birth chart. Perfect book if you want to learn more about this planet.

Bernadette Brady – The Eagle and the Lark, Predictive Astrology

My favourite book to start with when learning about Predictive Astrology. Great chapter on Secondary Progressions and Progressed Lunar Cycle.

Erin Sullivan – Saturn in Transit

More on Saturn- this time in transits. I love the description of Saturn’s journey through the houses and how it can manifest in one’s life.

Melanie Reinhart – Chiron and the Healing Journey

If you are curious about Chiron, this is the book to read. It includes descriptions of Chiron in signs/ houses as well as in aspect to planets in the birth chart.

Mary Fortier Shea – Planets in Solar Return

A very useful book to learn about Solar Return charts and to keep as a reference for further study. Great description of the Solar Return Sun in houses.

Other Resources

if you want to learn astrology in a different way
  • AstroLogos– I learned tons from Astro Logos materials. Their study shops and online courses took me to a new level in my Astrology knowledge. I highly recommend their website.
  • Astrodienst– A perfect website to keep all of your charts in one place. It also offers many free reports.
  • Astro Seek – My favourite website to check the upcoming new and full moons. Very handy and easy to use.

Do you need some help in deciphering your own birth chart? Please check my Recorded Astrology Readings page and learn more about what gifts your Horoscope is hiding. Whether it’s a simple reading or a more detailed forecast, you can choose your favourite.