Zodiac Illustration Cards

This is a collection of twelve Zodiac illustrations. It is inspired by the Zodiac Signs and flowers and plants associated with them. I used ‘The Astrology Bible’ by Judy Hall as a starting point to create these Zodiac illustrations. All twelve designs are hand-drawn with ink on paper and digitised. To learn more about these Zodiac illustration just click here.

All twelve Zodiac illustrations are available as 15cm x 15cm cards, printed on textured matt paper and come with hammer embossed envelopes and biodegradable sleeves. Printed in Sommerset by Pennybatch Gallery.

If you are interested in stocking the cards in your shop, please contact me about wholesale orders on katvoid@hotmail.com

more About the Zodiac Illustrations

Aries: Cardinal Fire Sign. Ruled by Mars. Assigned flower: honeysuckle. Energy: pioneering, direct, passionate, highly motivated towards one goal.

Taurus: Fixed Earth Sign. Ruled by Venus. Assigned flowers: rose, foxglove, larkspur. Energy: grounded, loving peace and comfort, steady, secure.

Gemini: Mutable Air Sign. Ruled by Mercury. Assigned flower: lily of the valley. Energy: curious, dynamic, versatile, skilled at networking, communicative.

Cancer: Cardinal Water Sign. Ruled by the Moon. Assigned flower: convolvulus. Energy: gentle, emotional, focus on home and tribe, sentimental, nurturing.

Leo: Fixed Fire Sign. Ruled by the Sun. Assigned flower: passionflower. Energy: warm, loyal, proud, enjoys being in the spotlight, regal, benevolent, sometimes can be a drama queen.

Virgo: Mutable Earth Sign. Ruled by Mercury. Assigned flower: flax flower. Energy: discerning, practical, detail oriented, focus on systems and improving efficiency, service orientated.

Libra: Cardinal Air Sign. Ruled by Venus. Assigned flower: pansy. Energy: refined, diplomatic, team oriented, balance and harmony highly important.

Scorpio: Fixed Water Sign. Assigned flower: amaryllis. Energy: intense, transformative, hidden, magnetic, deals with the theme of power.

Sagittarius: Mutable Fire Sign. Assigned flower: mallow. Energy: expansive, optimistic, focus on discovery and adventure, sees the bigger picture, jovial.

Capricorn: Cardinal Earth Sign. Assigned flower: hellebore. Energy: disciplined, enduring, ambitious, consistent, duty oriented, values tradition and boundaries.

Aquarius: Fixed Air Sign. Assigned flower: orchid. Energy: eccentric, freedom loving, detached, humanitarian, progressive, revolutionary.

Pisces: Mutable Water Sign. Assigned flower: iris. Energy: compassionate, dreamy, receptive, artistic, mystical, can sacrifice self to serve others.

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